Share Database: Select Users in Business Contact Manager

Users with access to this computer      This box lists all of the users to whom you have granted access to your database. To grant a user access to your database, select the Share check box preceding that user's name.

Note: By default, administrators on this computer are displayed in this list, but administrators on the domain are not included unless you specifically add them. Anyone who is an administrator—regardless of whether his or her user account is displayed in this list—can access all data. For more information, see How do I know if I'm an administrator?.

Add New User      If you are an administrator on your computer or your domain, and you want to grant database access to a user who is not in the list, click the Add New User button in order to add him or her to this list.

If your computer is part of a workgroup, you must specify a temporary password for each new user. The password cannot be blank.

Note: You must be an administrator to add a new user to this list. Not everyone is an administrator. If you are an administrator but are logged on in another name, log off and then log on using your administrator account. If you are not an administrator, log off and ask someone who is an administrator to log on, and then grant access to the user you want to add. For more information, see How do I know if I'm an administrator?.

To remove users' access to your Business Contact Manager database

  1. On the Select Users page, clear the check box next to the names of users that you do not want to have access to your Business Contact Manager database.

  2. Click Next, and then complete the wizard.

Note: This is part of the process of allowing other users to share the Business Contact Manager database that you own. To share your database, on the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Database Tools, and then click Share Database.

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