Share Database: E-mail Auto-Linking Settings in Business Contact Manager

Important: When you share a database, you share all the information in the database with all users who have access to it. As well, when you have set up E-mail Auto-linking, all existing and future Business Contact Manager for Outlook communication history items that are linked with your accounts and business contacts are available to all users who share the database. If you want to continue to link your e-mail with records in the database, you may want to remove any existing communication history items that you do not want to share.

I want to keep my current E-mail Auto-Linking settings      Clear this check box if you want to change your settings before sharing the database.

Note: This is part of the process of allowing other users to share the Business Contact Manager database that you own. To share your database, on the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Database Tools, click Share Database, and then complete the wizard.

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