Set up text columns by using layout guides

This procedure is useful if you are working with a publication that does not have predesigned text columns (for example, if you are creating a newsletter from scratch, rather than from a predesigned template).

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What are layout guides?

Create columns and rows with layout guides

What are layout guides?

Layout guides include margin, column, row, and baseline guides. Microsoft Office Publisher also provides ruler guides.

Layout guides

1. Margin guides

2. Column guides

3. Row guides

4. Baseline guides

5. Ruler guides

You can use the column and row layout guides to organize text, pictures, and other objects into columns and rows so that your publication has an ordered, consistent look. When you use layout guides to set up a grid on a master page, the grid appears on every page in your publication where that master page is used. The grid does not show when you print your publication.

Note: If you have turned on any of the Snap commands (Arrange menu, Snap submenu) and you have trouble dragging items, try turning off the Snap command.

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Create columns and rows with layout guides

  1. On the Arrange menu, click Layout Guides, and then click the Grid Guides tab.

  2. Under Column Guides, enter the number of columns that you want in the Columns box, and then enter the amount of space that you want between the columns in the Spacing box.

  3. Under Row Guides, enter the number of rows that you want in the Rows box, and then enter the amount of space that you want between the rows in the Spacing box.

  4. If you are printing your publication on facing pages, click the Margin Guides tab, and then select the Two-page master check box under Master Pages.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Create text boxes for the columns by clicking Text Box Button image on the Objects toolbar and then dragging inside the columns that are defined by the layout guides.

Note: If the To Guides command (Arrange menu, Snap submenu) is turned on, each text box snaps to the nearest layout guide when you release the mouse button.

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