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Available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 and 2009 only.

With Microsoft Office Accounting, you can track inventory items whose on-hand quantities have fallen below the minimum that you want to keep in stock. You can use the Reorder Inventory dialog box to create purchase orders for active items to reorder based on criteria that you have entered on an item record. Office Accounting displays reminders in the Item List and in the Reminders pane on the Company home page.

An item can appear in the dialog box for the following reasons:

  • The quantity of an item on hand and on open purchase orders is less than the quantity of an item on all open sales orders.

  • The quantity of an item on hand and on open purchase orders is less than or equal to the reorder point entered on the item record.

  • The quantity on hand is below zero. This happens if you have invoiced more than you have on hand.

  • The item is selected in the Item List when you click Reorder Inventory on the Actions menu.

You can create purchase orders for specific items, or you can create separate purchase orders for individual vendors if the items that you select have different preferred vendors.

  1. Open the Reorder Inventory dialog box from one of the following locations:

    • Reminder pane

      1. On a home page, in the Navigation Pane, click the Company button.

      2. In the Reminders pane, double-click Inventory to Reorder, and then double-click a listed item.

    • Item List

      1. On the Company, Customers, Vendors, Employees, or Banking home pages, in the Navigation Pane, under Find, click Items.

      2. On the Actions menu, click Reorder Inventory.

    • Purchase Order

      1. On the Vendors menu, point to New, and then click New Purchase Order.

      2. On the toolbar, click Reorder Inventory.

  2. Select the items that you want to order. To select or clear all check boxes at once, use the check box in the upper-left corner of the table.

    Note: If you are ordering items from different preferred vendors, select the Create a separate purchase order for each preferred vendor check box. Otherwise, all selected items will be listed on one purchase order.

  3. Click OK.

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