Search public data (Power Query)

PRODUCT UPDATE NOTICE: This feature will be discontinued on January 11, 2017. After this date, the Power Query data catalog will only show data sources registered by your company. If you want to connect to a public source (for example, Wikipedia), use the From Web connector: Click Power Query > From Other Sources > From Web. Then paste a URL from Wikipedia, and then click OK.

Search for public data

  1. In the POWER QUERY ribbon tab, click Online Search.

  2. In the Online Search pane, enter a search term such as “S&P 500”.

  3. Press Enter or click the search icon ( Search icon ).

  4. To navigate to a data source page, click a page number or Next.

Use the Search ribbon tab

With the SEARCH ribbon tab, you can fine-tune your search criteria.

You can set a Scope to filter your search by range of data sources or refine a search filter:

  • Public – Public data sources including Wikipedia tables, a subset of Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and a subset of

  • My Shared – Range of data sources include my shared queries.

  • Organization – Range of data sources include queries shared within the enterprise.

  • All – Apply a search term for all scoped data sources.

You can also use Refine, which inserts a search filter into the Online Search box. Filters your search based on a query or table attribute. For example, to filter where the term “Index” is in the query name, the search filter is name:(Index).

Query or table attribute


Syntax and Example


Filter your search based on query and table names.


Example: name:(Index)


Filter your search based on query and table description.


Example: description:(GDP)


Filter your search to only show results from specific people or web pages.


Data Source

Filter your search based on the underlying data source name


Example: datasource:(AdventureWorks2012)

Date Range

Filter your search based on when the query was last modified. The date range options:

Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year, Last Year

lastmodifieddate:{date range}

Example: lastmodifieddate:this week

Column Name

Filter your search based on the column names in the data source.


Example: columnname:(Company Name)

Import a public data source

  1. In the Online Search pane, hover over data source summary items to render a data source preview.

  2. Point your mouse or click on any of the data sources in the search result to see a preview of the data source.

    The preview fly out displays a snapshot of the selected public data source, the columns in the dataset, last modified timestamp, and the source/owner of the public data source, You can click on the column name in the preview dialog box to jump to the respective data column in the preview. Additionally, you'll notice that the specified keyword values are highlighted in the preview fly out screen.

    In the preview fly out screen:

  • To insert the data source into the workbook, click ADD TO WORKSHEET.

  • To refine the data source query, click FILTER & SHAPE.

  • To navigate to the source page of the data source, click the Data Source link.

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