Search for specific records in a Business Contact Manager workspace

To quickly find the records that you want, you can type information to search for in the Search box that is at the top of each tab in the workspace.

Your search can be as narrow as the list on a selected tab, or as wide as all of the folders in Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

For information about changing the scope of your search, see Search your records in Business Contact Manager.

  1. In the Navigation Pane, under Business Contact Manager, click one of the following folders to display the workspace:

    • Contact Management.

    • Sales.

    • Marketing.

    • Project Management.

  2. Click the tab that might contain the records that you want.

  3. In the Search box, type the information that you are looking for, and then click the Search button Search icon .

    Note: If a filter is applied, the record you are looking for might not be displayed. To determine if a filter is applied, right-click the tab, and then click Modify. If the list has been filtered, Filter applied is displayed next to the Filter button.

    To clear the search results, click the Close Search button.

Tip: To sort the information in a list, click the column header. For more information about how to sort the information on a tab, see the “See the information you want on a tab” section in the Master your Business Contact Manager workspaces article.

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