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Yammer enables everyone to work together in groups organized by team, project and topic. With Yammer, teams have a central place to communicate, share files, and get updates all in one place. Yammer makes it easy to access existing information, to cut down on duplication and re-work, to share best practices, and to work together across organizational boundaries.

The following course provides a proven, step-by-step plan for successfully rolling out Yammer in your organization. Examples of documents displayed in the videos are also provided in the course modules, and many are available as downloads.

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This course features Yammer on Windows PC and Mac computers.

If you don't already have these applications installed, use the setup information in the following section.

Many organizations are transforming from hierarchies, where information trickles from top to bottom, into networks, where information flies from group to group and from peer to peer.

Yammer lets your organization share, use, and archive all that information.

This training series will show you how to roll out a Yammer network.

Before we start, let’s lay the foundation for a successful Yammer rollout.

You can kick off your Yammer effort by working with an Office 365 admin to upload your company logo, send out a company-wide Yammer invite, and create a Yammer 101 group for new users to ask questions.

Next, decide what groups and scenarios will most benefit from Yammer.

Microsoft has identified the top six use cases: internal communications, remote and mobile workers, human resources, product innovation teams, sales, and IT. Assemble a team to help with your rollout.

For instance, if you’re the project leader, it’ll help to have a higher decision maker who can drive buy in from your organization, and champions from each team that will be using Yammer.

These Yammer champions drive adoption at the peer level and can act as local experts for the rest of their team.

Your team can also help you craft a vision statement – a short document that explains the goals for using Yammer within each group.

Now you can create groups for each of your use cases.

Each group can have its own members, image, and description.

Another important step is to grow your Yammer know how by joining the Office 365 network.

This is an active group of Microsoft experts and Office 365 users from a diverse array of companies.

If you need ideas, advice, or a place to share your own Yammer success stories, this is the place.

There are lots of ways to keep Yammer an active part of your work day, from practical steps like embedding a Yammer feed into your site, to fun activities like milestone challenges, photo contests, executive Q&A sessions, and more.

Keep your Yammer feeds fresh, informative, and friendly to give everyone in your organization a reason to check in every day.

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