Review search usage data

Search usage data is beneficial in understanding how people are using the sites and what information they are looking for. Site administrators can review and export both the queries that end users are submitting and the pages that are most viewed as a result of searches.

Site administrators can make improvements in portal usability and relevance by analyzing both the search queries and the top search results pages. A few examples of actions that can result from understanding usage patterns are:

  • Learning which terms are being used to search your site. This analysis can then be the basis for adding new keywords that may not be in your search index.

  • Creating keyword best bets, which match popular keywords with the most relevant portal pages, documents, or external Web sites.

To view search usage data, a system administrator must configure sites to log and process search usage data.

Note: Search query logging is enabled by default. If the administrator has turned off query logging, this feature is not available. Logging can be enabled by using a setting in the System Status Web Part on the Search Administation page.

To view the Search Results Report page or the Search Queries Report page, use the following procedure:

  • On the Search Administration page, under Usage Reports, click Queries report or Results report.

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