Respond to a task from a SharePoint site

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You can receive and respond to tasks that have been assigned to you from a SharePoint site without leaving Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. You can receive an assignment from a standard tasks list or project tasks list. Project tasks lists are similar to tasks lists, except that the default view of a project tasks list provides a graphical display of the task items, known as a Gantt view.

Note: The features described in this article work with SharePoint sites that are running Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. If you are not sure which versions of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies are running on the server, ask the server administrator.

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Receiving a task from a SharePoint site

Track a task from a SharePoint site by using Outlook

Respond to a task from a SharePoint site

Receiving a task from a SharePoint site

There are two ways that you can receive task assignments from a SharePoint site:

  • When someone assigns a task to you from a tasks list on a SharePoint site, you can view the task and update it as you do with other tasks in Outlook. You can change its status, add comments, and mark it as complete.

  • If the SharePoint site and tasks list are enabled to send mail, you may receive an e-mail notification about a task. The notification states that the task is assigned to you and provides a link to open the task.

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Track a task from a SharePoint site by using Outlook

To track and respond to your tasks from a SharePoint site in Office Outlook 2007, first you need to connect the tasks list to Outlook.

Connect a tasks list from a SharePoint site to Outlook

  1. In your Web browser, open the tasks list on the SharePoint site.

    If you cannot locate your tasks list, click View All Site Content, and then click the name of your tasks list.

  2. On the Actions menu Menu image , click Connect to Outlook.

    connecting tasks list to outlook

  3. When you are prompted to confirm that you want to connect the tasks list to Outlook, click Yes.

    In Outlook, in Tasks, the tasks list is added under Other Tasks.

Note: You can work with your tasks from your SharePoint site as you do with your Outlook tasks, including dragging or copying tasks back and forth between the folders for Outlook and the SharePoint site. Recurring tasks and task requests from Outlook, however, are converted to regular tasks on the SharePoint site.

  1. In Tasks, in the Outlook Navigation Pane, under Other Tasks, click the name of the tasks list from your SharePoint site.

    If the name of your task does not appear, verify that the view that is selected under Current View includes the task that you want to update.

  2. Double-click the task to open it.

  3. Update the settings that you want, such as the task's status or percent complete.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To save the changes that you made to the task, click Save & Close.

    • To specify that the task is complete, click Mark Complete.

Tip: You can quickly mark a task as complete without opening it. When you view the tasks as a simple list, select the check box next to the task. In other types of views, right-click the task, and then click Mark Complete on the shortcut menu.

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Respond to a task from a SharePoint site

If a SharePoint site is enabled to send e-mail, the task will appear in your Inbox with a bell icon Task flag next to it. The message will state that a task has been assigned to you. For example, Develop conference schedule has been assigned to you.

  1. In your Inbox, open the e-mail message that contains the task assignment.

  2. Under the title of the task, click View task name, such as View Develop conference schedule.

  3. When the task opens, click Edit Item.

  4. Update the settings that you want, such as the task's status or percentage complete.

  5. Click OK.

    The task will be displayed on the SharePoint site.

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