Reporting unit structure in Management Reporter

Management Reporter uses the following kinds of reporting units:

  • A detail unit draws information directly from the financial data or from an Excel spreadsheet file.

  • A summary unit summarizes data from lower-level units.

A reporting tree consists of parent reporting units and child reporting units:

  • A parent reporting unit is a summary unit that pulls summarized information from a detail unit. A summary unit can be both a detail unit and a summary unit; that is, a summary unit can draw information from a lower unit, the financial data, or an Excel spreadsheet. Thus, a parent unit can, in turn, be the child unit of a higher parent unit.

  • A child reporting unit can be either a detail unit that pulls information directly from the financial data or a spreadsheet, or it can be an intermediate summary unit (that is, the parent unit to a lower unit, but also the child unit to a higher-level summary unit).

The following diagram shows the parent and child reporting units, and their hierarchical relationship, for the Fabrikam, Inc. Summary reporting tree.

reporting tree diagram

The reporting unit structure in the previous figure is as follows:

  • In this example, the Denver Office reporting unit is a parent unit to the Denver Sales and Denver Service child units.

  • The Denver Sales division unit is both a child unit of the Denver Office and a parent unit to the Retail Sales and Wholesale Sales units.

  • The lowest-level detail reporting units (Retail Sales, Wholesale Sales, Studio, and Lab) represent departments in the financial data. These reporting units are in the shaded area of the diagram.

  • The higher-level summary units simply summarize information from the detail units.

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