Remove tracked changes and comments in Word 2016 for Mac

Removing all of the tracked changes in your document is a two-step process: first accept or reject the changes, then delete the comments. After that, you'll have a clean document to share.

Remove tracked changes

Accept or reject tracked changes to remove them from your document:

  • To look at each revision, one at a time, on the Review tab, click Next, and then Accept or Reject.

    On the Review tab, Accept, Reject, Previous, and Next Change are showing

    Word keeps or removes the change and then goes to the next one.

  • To accept all the changes at the same time, click the arrow by Accept, and then click Accept All Changes.

  • To reject all the changes at the same time, click the arrow by Reject, and then click Reject All Changes.

Important:  Choosing the No Markup view helps you see what the final document will look like, but it only hides tracked changes temporarily. The changes are not deleted, and they’ll appear again the next time someone opens the document. To delete the tracked changes permanently, you'll need to accept or reject them.

Remove comments

If your document has comments, they won't be removed when you accept or reject tracked changes. You'll have to delete them separately.

  1. On the Review tab, in the Comments section, click Next to select a comment.

    On the Review tab, in the Comments section, Next Comment is hightlighted

  2. On the Review tab, click Delete.

    On the Review tab, Delete Comment is highlighted

    To delete all comments at once, click the arrow by Delete, and then click Delete All Comments in Document.

    On the Review tab, Delete All Comments in Document is highlighted

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