Remove or minimize Favorite Folders

In Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, if you don't want to use Favorite Folders or wish to make more space in the main Navigation Pane, you have the following options to choose from.

Note: In versions of Microsoft Outlook earlier than Office Outlook 2007, you cannot remove Favorite Folders from the Navigation Pane. You can however, customize the folder list and reduce the size of the folder list.

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Remove folders from the Favorite Folders list

Minimize Favorite Folders

Turn off Favorite Folders

Remove folders from the Favorite Folders list

You can remove any or all of the individual folders from the Favorite Folders list to reduce both the length of the list and the size of the pane.

  1. In Favorite Folders, right-click the folder that you want to remove, and then click Remove from Favorite Folders on the shortcut menu.

  2. Repeat step 1 for each folder that you want to remove.


    • Folders in Favorite Folders must be removed individually.

    • Removing the folders from Favorite Folders does not remove them from the All Mail Folders list.

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Minimize Favorite Folders

  • In the Favorite Folders header, click the arrow .

    use the arrows to open and close favorite folders

    To expand Favorite Folders, click the arrow again.

You can minimize and expand Favorite Folders as needed, making your folders available when you want them, and keeping them out of the way when you don't.

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Turn off Favorite Folders

Turning Favorite Folders on and off does not affect the folders in the list. If you have folders listed in Favorite Folders when you turn the feature off, those folders will be there when you turn it back on again.

  • On the View menu, point to Navigation Pane, and click Favorite Folders to uncheck it.

    Click Favorite Folders again to turn the feature back on.

options on the view menu for the navigation pane

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