Remove a site mailbox

After setting up a site mailbox, you may decide that you don’t really need it. You can remove the Site Mailbox app, which essentially hides the mailbox from those who are using the site.

  1. Click Settings Settings: update your profile, install software and connect it to the cloud > Site contents.

  2. Under Lists, Libraries, and other Apps, point to Site Mailbox, and then click ... for more information.

    Site Mailbox app, with ... button for more information.

  3. Click Remove on the box that pops up.

    Remove a site mailbox.

  4. Click OK to remove the site mailbox app.

Note:  If you remove a mailbox from a site, it won’t be displayed on the site, but it will still be visible in Outlook (if you’re using Exchange).

What else do I need to know?

There are a couple of things worth noting about removing a site mailbox:

  • The only way to fully delete a site mailbox is to delete the entire site itself. When a site is closed or deleted (either manually, or by following site closure policies), the site mailbox is also closed or deleted.

  • After removing the site mailbox app from a site, mail sent to the mailbox will still be stored. If you add the mailbox back to the site later, any mail sent to the site mailbox since it was originally created will still be there.

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