Recording a Meeting

By default, only the meeting organizer can record a meeting, but the organizer can give permission to presenters and attendees to record the meeting and save it to the server or to your local computer as described earlier in this article.

Note: These instructions assume that you have joined the meeting as either the organizer or as a presenter with permission to record, that you have set recording options as described earlier in this article, and that you have imported the resources you need for the meeting.

To record a meeting

  1. When the Live Meeting client starts, click the Recording pane.

  2. Before recording the meeting, in the Recording pane, click Options to access the Personal Recording Options dialog box, to choose where you want to save your recording, and what you want to record.

  3. When you are ready to start recording, in the Recording pane click Record.

  4. During recording, you can do the following:

    • To pause a recording, click the Pause button.

    • To resume recording after a pause, click the Pause button again.

  5. When you are finished recording, click the Stop Recording button. To save the recording, click Save Recording. The recording is saved to your server or to your local computer.

  6. To check the status of your recording, click the Start menu on your computer, click All Programs, click Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007, and choose Microsoft Office Live Meeting Recording Manager.

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