Quick Reference: Send and Receive Instant Messages

With Office Communicator 2007 R2, you can start an instant messaging (IM) session with a single contact, with multiple contacts, or with a group. You typically start an IM session by double-clicking a contact name in the Contact List.

How to

Send an instant message

In the Contact List, double-click a contact, type a message, and then press ENTER.

Add an emoticon

Place the mouse pointer where you want to add the emoticon, click the emoticon button, and then select the emoticon.

Format text

To selectively format message text (for example, make a word bold) in the Conversation window, select the text that you want to format, then click the Change text color, font, and other formatting button. Make the changes you want in the drop-down dialog box and then click in the Entry area to close the dialog box and accept the changes. The selected text is now formatted according to your changes. Also, any text that you type after making the formatting changes will be in the new format.

Send an instant message to a group

Hold the CTRL key and select multiple contacts. Right-click the last contact, and then select Send an Instant Message or press ENTER. You can also right-click a group, and then click Send an Instant Message.

Start an instant message and include someone from outside your organization

In the Office Communicator window, click the Menu button, and then click Meet Now. In the Conversation window, click the arrow to the right of the Invite button, and then click Invite by E-mail. Type the e-mail address and send the invitation. The contact can click a link in the invitation to join by using Communicator 2007 R2 or a Web browser.

How to

Accept an instant message

Click the left pane of the invitation.

Decline an instant message

Click the Close Conversation button in the instant message invitation alert.

Respond to an IM invitation with a call

Click the Call button in the invitation alert and then select Communicator Call or a phone number. For more information about making calls, see Making and Receiving Audio Calls.

Set your status to Do Not Disturb when you receive an invitation

Click the Redirect button, and then click Set to Do Not Disturb. You typically use this feature when your status shows you as available, but your are in an unscheduled meeting or an important conversation. The new presence status lasts until the beginning of the next hour.

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For more information    see Create and Send an Instant Message.

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