Quick Reference: Make and Receive Video Calls

You can easily make video calls to contacts in your Contact List, but you must have a webcam. You can receive and participate in a video call without a webcam. In this case, you see the caller's video stream, but no video is transmitted from your Office Communicator client.

Make video calls

Make a Video Call with Office Communicator 2007

How to

Make a video call

In the Contact List, right-click the contact that you want to call, and then click Start a Video Call.

Invite someone to a call

In the Conversation window, click the Invite button, and then select a contact or enter a number to call in the Type a name or number box.

Receive video calls

Receive a video call with Office Communicator 2007

How to

Answer a video call

In the call invitation alert, click the left pane. The alert appears in the bottom right of your computer screen.

Decline a call

In the call invitation alert, click the Ignore call button.

Redirect a call

Click the Redirect button, and then select an option from the menu. If you choose to redirect a call to an instant message, a call rejection message is sent to the caller and the Conversation window opens so that you can send the caller an instant message.

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For more information    see Making and Receiving Video Calls.

Note: Audio/video conferencing (video with more than one person) requires conferencing capabilities to be enabled within your organization. If you are not sure what capabilities are available to you, contact your system administrator. A webcam is required for initiating video calls, but is not required for participating in video calls and conferences.

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