Publish to is an online showroom where you can collect and publish Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint and Office Mix presentations, OneNote notebooks, PDF files, and Sways. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now let you easily publish your content directly to without having to leave the application.

Publish to

To publish your document, workbook or presentation to follow these steps.

  1. Click File > Publish.

    Click File > Publish to begin the publish to process.

    Note: If you're using Excel you'll need to select "Publish to" before continuing.

  2. By default the file will retain the title you saved it with in your application. If you'd like to change the Title just type a new title in the Title field.

    Tip: Next to "account" on the Publish page you'll see which account you'll be publishing with. If you'd like to publish under a different account click Account on the navigation pane at the left and then choose Switch Account to select a different account. Then come back and restart the publish process.

    Set options for publishing your document to
  3. Configure the level of privacy you want for this document by setting the Visibility

    • Public - Publishes it to the web. Search engines will be able to find your file and anybody will be able to view it.

    • Limited - Only people who have the specific link you give out will be able to access the file. It will not be visible to search engines.

      Caution: Be careful whom you share the link with. There's nothing to stop them from sharing the link with other people without your permission.

    • Organization - Only people in your organization will be able to see the file. This option will only be available if you're using a work or school account.

      Set the visibility and privacy settings for your document on
  4. You can choose to have metadata about the document or presentation removed. In Word or PowerPoint the Inspect and remove hidden properties or personal information from this document checkbox is selected by default. In Excel you'll need to click the Inspect workbook link to open the document inspector.

    In Word and PowerPoint any comments, annotations, revisions, versions, annotations, document properties, personal information or custom XML data will be cleaned off the document that is published to Your local copy of the document will not be changed, however.

    For Excel, the Inspect workbook link will take you to the document inspector where you can choose what you would like cleaned from your workbook. It's important to know that this will clean your local copy of the document which you can then publish to For more information about the Excel document inspector see Remove hidden data and personal information by inspecting workbooks

  5. When you're satisfied with the options you've chosen, click Upload and your file will be published to

  6. When the upload completes, your file is now published. Your site will open in your default browser showing you the file as it appears. At this point you have a few more options you can configure if you'd like to.

    The details pane lets you enter additional information about your document

    • You can make any changes you like to the Title or Author.

    • Type a short, optional, description. A good description can help people find your file and have a better understanding of what the file is about.

    • Select a background image

      The details pane in lets you enter additional information about your document.

    • If you accidentally chose the wrong privacy level (see Step 3, above) you can change it.

    • Specify if you want viewers to be able to comment on your file and/or download it.

    • Select the type of license you want for your file - including a Creative Commons Attribution.

      Note: If you'd like to know more about Creative Commons Licenses see: Creative Commons Licenses

    • Specify any tags you'd like to apply. Tags can help you categorize your file and make it more accessible via search.

      Note: Users will only find files they're allowed to see in search. If you have your file's visibility set to "Organization Only" then users outside your organization won't see your file even if they specify an accurate search term.

    • You can specify what language your file is in. Your default language will be the default here, but you can set it to any supported language. Some viewers will filter based on language so accurately setting the language here may help people find your file.

  7. When you're comfortable with all of the settings above, click Save,

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