Project Task form in Business Contact Manager

After you have created a Business Project in Business Contact Manager for Outlook, you can use the Project task  form to add and assign individual project tasks.

Note: Attachments, such as files or e-mail messages cannot be added to Project tasks, but they can be added to the linked Business Project. For more information, see About Business Projects in Business Contact Manager.

The General view

You can use this view to record information about your project task, including whom the project task is assigned to, due date, status, and the Business Project that it is linked to.

Project task information

Task name      Type a name for the project task (required).

Assigned to      To assign the project task, select a name from the list. To add a new name to the list, click Edit this list.

Project task settings

Start date and Due date     Enter the start and finish dates for your Business Project.

Status      Select a description of the status of the project task in the list. To customize this list by adding to or changing the existing list, click Edit this list.

% Complete      Type a percentage to represent the Business Project's level of completeness.

Attention Required      Select this check box if this project task requires attention from the person assigned to own the Business Project.

Project task priority      Select a priority level for the Business Project in the list. To customize this list by adding to or changing the existing list, click Edit this list.

Reminder      Select this check box to set a reminder for this project task, and then click the arrow and select a date and time for the reminder.

Linked project

Link To      Click the Link To button to select the Business Project that this project task is linked to.

Note: If you access this project task form from a Business Project form, this link has already been created.


You can use this field to paste comments from other files or type comments directly about the project task.

Add Time Stamp      Click the Add Time Stamp button to add the date and time to your comments.

The Details view

You can use this view to record the completion date, hours of work completed, and any mileage.

Task details

Date completed      Enter the date that the project task was completed.

Mileage      Type the billable mileage for this project task.

Total work      Type the number of hours of total work expected for this task.

Actual work      Type the number of hours of actual work that was completed.

Ribbon navigation

The form contains the following buttons — located on the Ribbon, which is part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface — that are specific to Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

In the group





Display the General view on the form, which allows you to enter basic information.



Display the Details view on the form, which allows you to enter more personalized information.


Check Names

Resolve the e-mail address or linked record, and ensure it is valid.

Note: To access this form, on the Business Contact Manager menu, click Project Tasks and then, on the Standard toolbar, click New, or double-click to open an existing Project Task record in the Project Tasks list. You can also access this form from a Business Project record, in the Project Tasks section, by clicking New or by opening an existing project task.

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