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Important notice for users of Office 2003    To continue receiving security updates for Office, make sure you're running Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3). The support for Office 2003 ends April 8, 2014. If you’re running Office 2003 after support ends, to receive all important security updates for Office, you need to upgrade to a later version such as Office 365 or Office 2013. For more information, see Support is ending for Office 2003.

Microsoft Office Project 2003 has detected that the original file was created in Microsoft Office Project 2007 and might contain some information only available in Project 2007.

Converters for opening Office Project 2007 files are provided as part of Microsoft Office Project 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3).

Download Microsoft Office Project 2003 Service Pack 3.

If you use Project 2003 to save this file in the Project 2000 - 2003 MPP format or an older file format, you can lose data in areas where Project 2007 contains enhanced functionality.

The following types of data or formatting can be lost:

  • Budget information      Information contained in the new budget fields will be lost.

  • Deliverables and Dependencies     Information contained in the new, cross-project deliverables and dependencies fields will be lost. Information contained in task links will not be lost.

  • Cost resources     Information contained in the new cost resource fields might be changed, converting cost resources into material resources. Information contained in other cost fields will not be lost.

  • Background cell formatting     Sheet cells that have background formatting applied to them will lose their background formatting. Information in these fields will not be lost.

  • Assignment owner information     Information contained in the new assignment owner fields will be lost.

  • Calendar exceptions     New exceptions that were added to project and resource calendar functionality (such as monthly exceptions, yearly exceptions, and those with arbitrary dates) will be lost.

  • New fields and custom fields    Information within new fields, or any formulas relying on new fields, will be lost. New options that are set on custom fields created in Project 2007 will be lost, such as the new roll-down setting for calculation of assignment rows. Task assignment custom field values will also be lost.

  • Enterprise custom fields    Any enterprise custom fields created within Project 2007 will be lost.

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