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You’ve finished creating your presentation, and now you want to print handouts for your audience. PowerPoint gives you several choices: you can print full page slides, multiple slides per page, or slides with your presenter notes or room for the audience to take notes next to the slides. If you want richer formatting, you can use Word to edit content, apply styles, and then print.

Inside this course:

Print slides, notes, or handouts (2:50)
Minimize slide text and put notes in the notes section, out of your audience’s site. And print them with or without slide thumbnail images.

Prepare a basic handout (4:33)
Walk through the printing options for slides, handouts or notes so your printouts are the way you want them.

Edit headers and footers for handouts (2:48)
Learn how to add headers and footers to your presentation handouts in PowerPoint, and how to change their look or position on the page.

Print Notes Pages as handouts (3:17)
You can print your whole presentation as Notes Pages and give your audience the slides plus all the details in the notes.

Print handouts in Word (4:39)
Print notes from Word for richer formatting options. Edit content, apply styles, and then print your notes.

Course summary
A brief reminder of the key points in this course.

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Applies To: PowerPoint 2013

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