Print a list of who accepted or declined a meeting invitation

A list of responses to a meeting invitation can help you prepare meeting minutes and keep track of who is associated with a project. Here’s how to print such a list from Outlook, Word, or Excel.

Important:  You must be the meeting organizer to perform this task.

To open and print an invitee list in Outlook or in Word

  1. In the lower-left corner of the Outlook window, choose Calendar.

    Click Calendar

  2. Double-click the meeting you want in your calendar.

    Double-click the meeting occurence

  3. On the Meeting, Meeting Series, or Meeting Occurrence tab (depending on the type of meeting you opened), choose Tracking to print a list of invitees' responses.

  4. Press Alt +Print Screen (PrtScn) on the keyboard, and then do one of the following:

    • In Outlook, choose Home > New Email > Paste.

    • In Word, open a new document and then choose Paste.

  5. Choose File > Print, specify a printer, and then choose Print.

To sort and work with an invitee list in Excel

  1. On the Meeting tab, choose Tracking > Copy Status to Clipboard.

  2. Open Excel and then choose Blank workbook.

  3. Right-click the top-left cell, and then choose Paste.

    Right-click and choose Paste


    • To adjust the columns to fit the text, place the cursor between the column headers and double-click.

    • To add column headings or to further adjust the format, see Help or, if you’re new to Excel, see Basic tasks in Excel.

    • To sort voting responses into collective groups, see Quick start: Sort data in an Excel worksheet.

  4. Choose File > Print, specify a printer, and then choose Print.

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