Print a list of messages, contacts, or tasks

Each type of Microsoft Outlook item has styles and layouts to choose from. Printing a list of items requires a different style that depends on the item.

Tip: To see formatting and page layout descriptions and options for each style, in the Print dialog box, click Page Setup and Define Styles.

  1. In Mail, Contacts, or Tasks, on the File menu, click Print.

    Note: Do not open the Print dialog box from an open item to print a list. This only offers Memo Style that prints a single item, not a view or a list.

  2. To print a list, under Print style, do one of the following:

    • For messages, click Table Style.

    • For tasks, click Table Style.

    • For contacts, do one of the following:

      • To print a table of individual contacts in a grid of rows and columns, click Phone Directory Style.

      • To print contact information in a list of individual cards, similar to an address card file, click Card Style.

To learn more about print styles and settings, see Printing in Outlook.

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