Print Customer Statements dialog box: options and information

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009 only.

Printing customer statements is a vital part of the collection process. The statements act as regular reminders to customers about their balances with your company. Also, some companies might choose not to pay unless they receive a statement in addition to individual invoices. In the Print Customer Statements dialog box, you can print customer statements to send to any or all of your customers.

Note: To sort the list of statements, click a table heading in the Print Customer Statements dialog box.

Open the dialog box

To open the Print Customer Statements dialog box, click Create Statement on the Customers menu.

Dialog box options

The dialog box contains the following options.



Balance forward

This statement includes all activity in the customer account within the specified date range (billing cycle). No aging information is included in this format.

All open invoices as of End date

This statement includes only transactions with outstanding balances in the customer account as of the specified end date (statement date). Aging information is included in this format in 30 day intervals.

Statement period to

Click the Statement period to arrow to open the calendar and select the beginning date of the statement. You can also enter the date directly in the field, for example, 4/1/2004. If you enter 4/1, Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 adds the current financial year. This is the statement date for the Open Invoice option.

*Currency filter

You can enter the three-digit ISO code of the currency in the field, for example, EUR for euro, provided EUR is already created. You can add a new currency from the currency filter by clicking Add or manage currencies.

Print statements that contain no activity

Click to print statements even if there has been no activity or open statements as of the statement date.

Check boxes

Select the check boxes next to the statements that you want to print. To select or clear all check boxes at once, use the check box in the upper-left corner of the table.

Customer Name

Shows the customer name as it appears on the statement.


Shows the customer's current balance.

*When Accounting 2009 is set up to use foreign currency, the amount is shown in the customer currency.

Note: If the statement date is not the current date, this balance may not match the printed statement.

*Balance (GBP)

Shows the customer's current balance in pounds sterling (GBP).

Comments to customers

Enter any comments to the customer that you want to appear on the statement.

For more information about using foreign currency in Accounting 2009, see About using foreign currencies.

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