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Applies to:     Office Accounting Express, Office Accounting Professional

You can set up sales and purchase prices for products and services (sales prices only for kits). The prices you set up are considered the standard prices for these products and services.

The standard prices of products and services appear on the Product and Service List (in the Price column).

product and service list

Product and Service List

In Office Accounting Professional and Office Accounting Premium, you can adjust the standard prices. To do this, on the Suppliers menu, click Change Product or Service Prices.

change product or service price

Change Product or Service Price dialog box (available in Office Accounting Professional and Office Accounting Premium)

In the Change Product or Service Price dialog box, you can change the selected standard prices by either a percentage or an amount. You can also type the new price individually for each product or service.

When selling the products and services, you may want to differentiate the prices among different types of customers. This can be done on each invoice, either by adjusting the unit price, discount or line total. However, if you want to automate the process, you can use the price levels in Microsoft Office Accounting 2008.

Price levels

Price levels enable you to differentiate the unit price among different types of customers. You can use price levels to adjust unit prices up or down for the customer.

Price levels work as follows:

  • Any number of price levels can be defined in Office Accounting 2008.

  • The price level adjusts the unit price of each line up or down with the specified percentage.

  • The original price cannot be seen on the invoice.

  • The price level can be set either on the Customer form or on the sales forms (quotes, sales orders, invoices and cash sales).

  • The price level can be changed on the sales form.

The following is an example from the sample product company in Accounting 2008.

You can set a price level for each customer on the Details tab on the Customer form.

details tab on customer form

Price level on Details tab on Customer form

The price level can be set to either increase or decrease the unit price for each product or service with a specified percentage.

define price level

Defining a price level

In this example, Litware, Ltd. has the Large Account price level and receives a unit price reduction of 10 percent on all products and services before additional discounts. For example, Litware, Ltd. wants to buy 10 fantastic kites with a net price of £10.00.

sales price

Standard sales price for a product

When the kites appear on the invoice, the unit price is reduced by the specified price level.

invoice form

Unit price adjusted by price level

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