PivotTable compatibility with earlier versions of Excel

PivotTables created in Excel for Mac 2011 will lose some functionality when opened in earlier versions of Excel.

When you share the workbook with users that are running Excel for Mac 2011 and earlier and Excel 2007 for Windows and earlier, filters will not be available, and data may not refresh as expected. Previous PivotTable limits have also been extended. The new limits are not compatible with earlier versions and data that exceeds earlier limits will not be displayed.

The limits are shown in the following table:

PivotTable feature


Number of rows

New: 1,048,576

Old: 65,536

Number of columns

New: 16,384

Old: 255

Number of data fields

New: 16,384

Old: 255

Number of report filters

New: 16,384

Old: 255

Unique items in a single PivotField

New: 1,048,576

Old: 32,500

Length of field name

New: 32,767 characters

Old: 255 characters

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