POP account server settings

The following table provides information and tips for entering advanced POP account settings. To access these settings from the primary POP Account preferences dialog box, click the Advanced button, and then click the Server tab.



Leave a copy of each message on server

If your e-mail provider alerts you that you are reaching the storage limit for your account, you can clear this check box to free up storage space on the server. However, if you do this, you can't access your messages from other computers.

Delete copies from the server

Select the interval after which messages deleted in Outlook are also deleted on the server.

Download headers only

If you have a slow network connection, you can use this option to improve performance. Only message headers are automatically downloaded to your computer. Therefore, large messages (and any attachments) are downloaded only if you select them in the message list. However, when you are offline, you can't read the message bodies or attachments.

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