Overview of process scheduling in Planning Business Modeler

You can use PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler to create process scheduling cycles and assignments (forms and worksheets).

An assignment is a data entry task that is assigned to a user. A process scheduling cycle defines the steps that are required to finish the assignment, and the dates by which the steps must be accomplished. As each user in the process finishes a task in the assignment, Planning Business Modeler changes the state of the assignment to reflect its progress through the steps. Each time an assignment changes state, Planning Business Modeler notifies the next user in the chain.

Process scheduling enables a Planning Business Modeler user to define and track the flow of work between individuals and departments. Managers can see the status of assignments. Reviewers and approvers can access related source data to fulfill their review and approval duties.

The following list shows the steps in a typical process schedule cycle.

  1. A manager creates a process scheduling cycle by using Planning Business Modeler. Within the cycle, the manager creates assignments and assigns contributors, deadlines, review, and approval.

  2. When the start date for an assignment occurs, Planning Business Modeler notifies the contributor that an assignment is due. The contributor opens Excel and connects to the appropriate computer that is running PerformancePoint Planning Server and the application. The action pane displays the contributor's list of current assignments.

  3. The contributor opens an assignment, which loads a form in Excel. The contributor enters the required data and then submits the work. This changes the status of the assignment from Work in Progress to Ready for Review.

  4. The specified reviewer receives an e-mail message that states that a new assignment is ready for review. The reviewer reviews the data. When all reviewers who are specified for the assignment have finished, the assignment status changes from Ready for Review to Reviewed.

  5. The specified approver receives an e-mail message that states that a new assignment is ready for approval. The approver reviews the data, and approves or rejects the submission. If the approver rejects the submission, the assignment status changes to Rejected, and the job is assigned back to the original contributor for correction.

    When all approvers who are specified for the assignment approve the submitted job, the assignment status changes from Reviewed to Approved/Final.

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