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If you’re wondering why you’re seeing the light version of Outlook Web App, how to get back to the standard version of Outlook Web App or to Office, or how to use a different email program on a mobile device or computer, see Outlook Web App Light.

Use the Mobile Devices page to manage mobile devices for which a partnership has been set up with your account. You can remove the partnership between your mobile device and your account. If you lose your mobile device, you can initiate a remote device wipe to help protect the information on your mobile device. You can also use this page to view synchronization and other mobile device information.

Remove Device from List You can remove mobile devices that you're no longer using from the list of devices that have partnerships with your mailbox. When you remove a device from the list, you also remove the partnership between the mobile device and your mailbox. After you select the mobile device and click Remove Device from List, you'll be prompted to confirm that you want to remove the device.

Wipe All Data from Device You can use this option to clear data from a stolen device or to clear a device before you assign it to another user. After you select the mobile device and click Wipe Device, you'll be prompted to confirm that you want to delete all the data from the device.

Your mobile device frequently stores sensitive personal and corporate data. A remote device wipe not only deletes all synchronized information, such as email, calendar appointments, contacts, and tasks, it also deletes all information on any internal storage cards. In effect, it sets the device back to its factory settings. No user interaction is required on the device to complete the remote wipe.

After completing a remote device wipe, the device has to be removed from the Device list. If the device is recovered, it can't be synchronized with the Exchange server until the old partnership has been removed and a new one has been established.

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For information about how to connect your mobile device to your account, see Phone and tablet setup reference.

To find your POP, IMAP, or Exchange Server settings, see Options > About

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