Online Banking Summary dialog box: options and information

In the Online Banking Summary dialog box, you can see the number of downloaded online transactions for all the accounts that you previously selected to download.

Open the dialog box

  • Enter the information in the Connect to Online Banking dialog box, and then click Connect.

    Dialog box options

    The dialog box contains the following options.



Financial Institution

(Read-only.) Displays the name of the online financial institution from whom you downloaded transactions.

Account Name

(Read-only.) Displays the name of the account that is associated with the financial institution.

New Transactions

(Read-only.) Displays the number of new transactions that you just downloaded.


(Read-only.) Displays the status of the current download.

Last Downloaded

(Read-only.) Displays the date of the last transaction download.

Bank Balance

(Read-only.) Displays the current bank balance.

Local Balance

(Read-only.) Displays the current book balance of your account register.

Match Transactions

Click Match Transactions to reconcile your online transactions to your account registers.

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