My changes are missing after simultaneously editing a document with other authors

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Cause: Another author may have rejected your changes and saved the document to the server after you did.

Solution:    If you still have the document open with your changes, try saving your changes to the server again.

When an author saves the document, his or her changes are saved to the server. If you still have the document with your changes open and the Updates Available message appears on the status bar, you can save your changes to the server again.

  • On the Standard toolbar, click Save this document and refresh it with updates made by other authors  Save and refresh button .

If you and another author changed the same item, then a conflict may occur. You will be prompted to review the conflict to decide whether to accept or reject your changes. To avoid having another author reject your changes again later, try the following solutions:

  • For each paragraph that you're planning to edit, press CONTROL and then click Block Authors. This prevents other authors from making changes in that paragraph, even if you’re currently not editing the document.

  • Never edit copies of the document. Always edit the document directly from SharePoint or OneDrive so that Word can automatically merge the changes from multiple authors.

Cause: An error may have prevented the document from being saved to the server.

Solution:    Check the upload status of the document in Upload Center.

If the document has a status of upload pending or upload failed in Upload Center, then your changes were not saved to the server.

To check the upload status:

  • In the Finder, open /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office/Microsoft Upload Center.

Cause: You might have saved the document on your computer instead of the server.

Solution:    Search for the document on your computer.

If you find a copy of the document on your computer, you can use the Compare Documents feature to compare it with the most up-to-date version on the server, and then combine your changes, if it is necessary.

  1. Find the most up-to-date version of the document on the server, and then save the document to your computer.

  2. Open one document and compare it with the other so that you can review the changes and decide which to accept or reject. For more information about comparing two documents, see Compare and merge two versions of a document.

  3. When you have finished reviewing the changes, end the comparison, and then save the document.

  4. Save the document to the server again, and overwrite the most up-to-date version.

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