Mute a single student in a class team

Mute students from commenting in a class conversations. This means students will no longer be able to see an inappropriate comment and that the muted students can no longer post or reply in class conversations. You can un-mute students at any time.

Mute a student in a class team conversation

  1. Navigate to the inappropriate student comment in the conversation stream.

  2. Select More options More options button next to the student’s conversation, then select Mute.

    Select the ellipses next to the student’s conversation, then select Mute.

Mute a student from member settings

  1. To mute multiple students, navigate to the class team, then select the More options next to your team’s name.

  2. Select Manage team.

    In Teams Select View Team in More Details

  3. Select the Members tab. You’ll see your students listed.

  4. Select the checkmark box under Mute Students to prevent a student from commenting.

    From View Team, Select which students you would like to mute.

Note: Un-mute a student by returning to settings and de-selecting the checkbox next to their name.

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