Modify a rejected or canceled document to resubmit for approval

The feature described in this Help topic is available only if any of the following versions of both Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 are installed: Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, or Korean.

The submitter can open a rejected or canceled document in the Rejected for Me folder or the Proposed by Me folder, in edit mode to modify it, and request approval again.

  1. Go to the folder that contains the file to submit again.

  2. Click the document you want to open it in the appropriate application.

  3. In the Office button, click Save As.

  4. Specify name in the Save As dialog box, and save the copy the document.

  5. In the Select Document Type dialog box, select a template you used and click OK.

  6. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK to verify a message.

  7. Exit the program.

  8. In the Proposed by Me page, click the saved file and open it in the appropriate program.

  9. Click Edit Workbook or Edit Document to change to the editing mode.

  10. On the message bar, click Start.

  11. If a message that it will delete the existing sign on a document appears, select OK. You can reuse the document for approval after deleting all the existing signitures.

  12. Modify the document.

  13. Start the approval process again in the same way as you create a new document, and then submit it for approval. For more information, see Submit a document.

    Note: If you try to resubmit a document without saving it using Save As, there will be no Start button on message bar and new document number will not be assigned.

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