Migration Assessment Scan: Large Sites

Learn how to mitigate issues with Large sites during migration.


Note: This content applies to FastTrack participants only.

Migrations occur in 500GB waves. This enables site owners to validate their sites post migration and allows Microsoft to predict the migration schedule. As a result, the maximum site collection size that is in scope is 500GB.

Data Migration

Sites over 500GB are out of scope for migration due to the impacts this has to predicting a migration schedule and delivery of the migration.

Important: Any site that is configured as “No Access” (locked), in SharePoint will be skipped. To see a list of locked site collections see the Locked Sites scan output.

Preparing for Migration

If you have sites over 500GB in the report provided, please work with your Microsoft migration contact.

Post Migration

Not applicable.

Scan Result Reports

LargeSites.csv    This scan report provides a list of all the site collections that are over 500GB in size.




Size fo the site collection in GB


URL to the site collection.


Site collection owner.

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