Microsoft To-Do Preview administration in Office 365

What is Microsoft To-Do Preview and how does it work?

Microsoft To-Do Preview is a simple to-do list app that empowers users to keep track of and focus on the things they need to get done. Microsoft To-Do Preview uses the Outlook Tasks API to securely sync and store to-dos, so customers can rest easy knowing that their data lives in Exchange and integrates with Outlook Tasks right out of the box. With native support for organization accounts in tenants with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft To-Do Preview apps support secure login scenarios such as Two-Factor Authentication and a toggle in the O365 admin center for allowing  or disallowing organizational access to Microsoft To-Do Preview apps.

Use of Microsoft To-Do Preview apps with a work account is subject to a few conditions including preview terms, licensing, organization preferences and pre-requisites. Below you'll find information on each of those conditions and what to do should the apps provide you or the users you support with an error related to them. 

The Microsoft To-Do Preview is currently available for the following Office 365 suites:  

Business Essentials  
Business Premium  
Microsoft 365 Firstline F1  
Enterprise Firstline F1  
Enterprise Firstline F2  
Enterprise E1  
Enterprise E2  
Enterprise E3  
Enterprise E4  
Enterprise E5  
Secure Productive Business 
Secure Productive Enterprise E3  
Secure Productive Enterprise E5  
Education E1  
Education E2  
Education E3  
Education E4  
Education A1  
Education A3  
Education A4  
Education A5  
Microsoft 365 A3  
Microsoft 365 A5 


Tenants with one or more eligible Office 365 subscriptions listed above will begin to see user-level licenses for Microsoft To-Do from late October. You can use these licenses to manage individual access to the Microsoft To-Do apps, as well as control visibility of the Microsoft To-Do tile in the Office 365 App Launcher when it becomes available later this year. 

To enable or disable a user's license for Microsoft To-Do, please visit the licensing portal of the Office 365 Admin Center, select that user, select your preference for Microsoft To-Do, and click save:

User License Toggle_C3_201791919269

As is common with licenses for other Office 365 products, you can also use Powershell scripts in order to enable or disable Microsoft To-Do licenses in batches. You can learn more about using Powershell scripts here:

Please note the Microsoft To-Do Preview does not currently include Government organizations or tenants on sovereign/independent clouds. If users without a license for any of these Office suites log in to Microsoft To-Do Preview, they will receive an error explaining this requirement and be logged out by the app.   

As a technical requirement one of the following versions of Exchange Online is also needed for Microsoft To-Do: 

Exchange Online (Plan 1) 
Exchange Online (Plan 2) 
Exchange Essentials 
Exchange Online Kiosk 
Exchange Online Plan 1 
Exchange Online POP 
Exchange Online (P1) 

Account types that are not yet supported: 

Accounts hosted via on-premises installations of Exchange Server 
Government accounts 
Office Pro Plus or Business 
Office 365 DE plans operated by T-Mobile Systems 
Office 365 plans operated by 21Vianet 

As Microsoft To-Do is currently in preview, it's not automatically enabled for customers. Instead, admins must enable Microsoft To-Do Preview for their organizations. To do so, just open the Office 365 Admin Center.

Head to the "Services & Add-ins" page of the O365 admin settings

Select To-Do Preview

Toggle Microsoft To-Do Preview to "on" 


You can find a full list of supported Microsoft accounts under "My organization's users are asking for Microsoft To-Do licenses"

Microsoft To-Do Preview currently uses the Outlook Tasks API in Exchange Online to securely sync and store users' to-dos. As such, users in Office 365 will need valid Exchange Online mailboxes for Microsoft To-Do to work properly. Supported plans include: Exchange Essentials, Exchange Online Kiosk, Exchange Online Plan 1, Exchange Online (Plan 1), Exchange (Plan 2), Exchange Online (P1), and Exchange Online POP. On-Premises installations of Exchange Server will not work with Microsoft To-Do. 

If users logging in to Microsoft To-Do Preview apps do not have licenses for Exchange Online, they'll receive an error message explaining this requirement and be logged out by the app. We are working to support accounts without Exchange Online in the future but don't have a timeline on this just yet.

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