Merge copies of a Shared Workbook

Important: This article explains an older method of merging copies of a "Shared Workbook." Shared Workbooks is an older feature that allows you to collaborate with multiple people. This feature has many limitations, and has been replaced by co-authoring. Co-authoring is much better at merging changes, and is available in certain versions of Excel, including Excel 2016 for Office 365 subscribers.

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  1. Be certain that you want to use this method before continuing. Shared Workbooks have limitations, and therefore we highly recommend co-authoring instead.

  2. Click the Review tab, and see if the Share Workbook button is visible. If it isn't visible, you'll need to unhide it. You'll also need to unhide the Compare and Merge Workbooks button. This article explains how to unhide these buttons.

  3. On the Review tab or on the Quick Access Toolbar, click Share Workbook Share Workbook .

  4. Click Allow changes by more than one user...

  5. Now ask other people to open the file, and save a copy of it with a unique file name that differs from the original's name. Also tell them to put their copies in the same folder as the original workbook.

  6. Tell them to make changes to their copy, and save. Please note that you can only merge a workbook with copies made from the original. Also, you can't merge a workbook that hasn't had the Allow changes by more than one user... setting turned on.

  7. Open the original Shared Workbook into which you want to merge changes.

  8. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click Compare and Merge Workbooks Compare and Merge button .

  9. If prompted, save the workbook.

  10. In the Select Files to Merge into Current Workbook dialog box, click the copy of the workbook that contains the changes you want to merge. To merge multiple copies at the same time, hold down Ctrl or Shift and click the file names, then click OK.

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