Match unrecognized items

Microsoft Office Accounting may not recognize one or more items when you download online orders and fees. You may have listed these items directly to the marketplace or by using another listing service. The Match Unrecognized Items dialog box allows you to match unrecognized items with those on your Item List. If you cannot locate the corresponding item, you can create a new one.

To complete a download for an order, you must use this dialog box to link an unrecognized item to an existing item or create a new item. If you do not match an unrecognized item to an item in Office Accounting, all downloaded orders with the same item name will fail.

  1. Select an unrecognized item.

  2. In the Match to Item column, click the arrow to select the appropriate matching item.

  3. If you cannot locate an appropriate item, select Add a new Item.

  4. After you have finished matching unrecognized items, click Next.

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