Mark an email message as not junk

Depending on the Junk Email filterprotection level that is set, some legitimate email messages might be moved to the Junk Email folder.

Tip    We recommend that you periodically review messages that are movedto the Junk Email folder to ensure that you aren’t missing any legitimate messages.

To mark a message as not junk, do the following:

  1. In Mail, click the Junk Email folder in the Folder Pane.

    Tip    To avoid seeing objectionable content in the Junk Email folder, you can turn the Reading Pane off for only that folder.

  2. In the message list, click any message that you want to mark as not junk.

  3. Click Home.

  4. In the Delete group, click Not Junk.

Keyboard shortcut    To mark a message as not junk, select the message, and then press Ctrl+Alt+J.

A message that is marked as not junk is moved back to its original folder, usually the Inbox. When you mark a message as not junk, you can add the sender or the mailing list name to the Safe Senders List or Safe Recipients List.

Any message viewed in the Junk Email folder appears in plain text format and any links that it contains are disabled. When a message is moved out of the Junk Email folder, its original message format is restored, and links are enabled. Any links considered suspicious remain disabled.

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Applies To: Outlook 2013

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