Map forms and fields when importing data from Excel

When you use the Import Data Wizard to import data from Microsoft Office Excel, you must map, or link, the information on the Office Excel worksheet to Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 records. The two-step process accomplishes the following:

  • The worksheet containing a particular type of data is linked to an Office Accounting 2009 record such as customer, vendor, invoice, or purchase order.

  • The information in the worksheet columns is linked to fields on the record.

If you are using a worksheet that is included with Accounting 2009, the mapping process is done automatically. If you are importing data from another Excel worksheet, you map the data manually.

Note: Even if you are importing data by using an Accounting 2009 worksheet, if you select a worksheet that does not appear to be related to a record, you will be required to perform a manual match. For example, if you select a customer worksheet to link to a financial account.

  1. On the File menu, click Import Excel Data.

  2. On the Map your data page of the wizard, under Step 1, click the arrow next to an Accounting 2009 record, and then select an Excel worksheet related to that record.

  3. Under Step 2, click Match fields.

  4. For an Office Accounting Field, click an arrow next to the corresponding Excel Column field, and then select a worksheet column that you want linked to that field.

    Note: Certain Accounting 2009 fields must be mapped. They are indicated by an asterisk (*) in the Required column. If you do not map at least these fields, you cannot save the matched information.

  5. Click OK to return to the wizard.

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