Manually submit a custom service request

If you have service numbers for dial-in conferencing bridges, auto attendants or other service numbers, toll-free phone numbers or have more than 999 user (subscriber) phone numbers that you need to transfer to Skype for Business, you need to manually submit a port order.

Important: In some countries/regions, you will also need to manually submit a custom service request if you want to get telephone numbers, or release the numbers, or change addresses. To see what is required for each country/region or learn more about number porting, see Transfer phone numbers to Skype for Business Online.

Step 1: Fill out the Letter of authorization (LOA)

The Letter of Authorization (LOA) gives us permission to request, on your behalf, porting the existing number(s) from a different service provider in case of a dispute.

When you are porting service numbers, toll-free phone numbers or have more than 999 user (subscriber) phone numbers, you must complete and attach the LOA form to service request you create in Step 2. You can download the LOA from here.


  • There are separate letter of authorizations (LOA) that you must download but this depends on the country/region and the types of phone number you will be transferring. For each type of LOA, go here.

  • When you manually port phone numbers using a Letter of Authorization (LOA), make sure you download the correct version for the country and type of phone number you want to transfer.

  • You have to submit separate port orders for each type of phone number you want to transfer. For more information and for a list of types, see Can I submit a single number porting request for all of my numbers at one time?

Step 2: Submit a service request

Create a service request to manually submit a port order request

  1. Sign in as an administrator to Office 365 with your work or school account.

  2. In the Office 365 admin center, in the left nav click Support > Service requests.

  3. Under Service requests click Add.

  4. On the Create a service request page, click Online collaboration.

  5. On the Identify the issue page select and enter in the following:

    • Feature select Phone System with a Calling Plan.

    • Symptom enter Local Number Porting.

    • Issue summary enter Number porting request.

    • Issue details enter any other details you might want to.

  6. Click Next page, click Yes, continue to continue.

  7. On the Add details page, select and enter the following:

    • Is your service unavailable? select No.

    • How many users are affected? select Some users.

    • Enter an email address of someone affected by this issue leave blank.

    • Select Domain (s) you want to list

    • Attach a file to upload the LOA and csv files that have the user IDs and telephone numbers that need ported or transfer over to Skype for Business Online (if not included in the LOA), and a recent copy of a bill from your current provider.

    • Click Next.

    • Enter your contact phone number.

  8. Review the information and then click Submit request.

Tip: The reference number will be listed on the Service requests page in the Office 365 admin center.

What else should you know about number porting?

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