Managing Meeting Lobby

Note: The Meeting Lobby is only available in the Live Meeting service.

In the Live Meeting service, potential participants who do not have an invitation can wait in the Meeting Lobby to be admitted to a meeting. The Meeting Lobby is similar to a no reservation audio conference, in which attendees can attempt to join a meeting at any time regardless of their invitation status.

Attendees may wait up to thirty minutes in the Meeting Lobby for the meeting organizer to grant them access. If you have not admitted someone in thirty minutes, that person is automatically denied access.

You can automatically grant meeting access to anyone who enters the lobby, or you can grant or deny access on an individual basis.

To grant access to attendees waiting in the Meeting Lobby

  1. From the Meeting pane, click Lobby.

  2. To be automatically notified when the first person arrives in the Meeting Lobby and thirty minutes thereafter for other attendees, select the Always notify me when new attendees enter the lobby check box.

  3. To automatically grant meeting access to anyone who enters the lobby, select the Grant access automatically to all attendees in the lobby check box.

  4. To deal with access requests on an individual basis, in the Meeting Lobby dialog box, select the name of an attendee, and then click Grant Access or Deny Access, as appropriate.

  5. When you are finished, click Done.

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