Managing Contacts

On the Contact List, you can add and delete a contact. You can also configure a contact so that you will be alerted when the contact’s presence status changes to Available or Offline. From the Contact List you can also set a contact's level of access, display the contact's contact card, organize your contacts into groups, and send instant messages.

Adding Contacts

You can add people to your Contact List so that you can readily check their online status or send them instant messages. You can also block a contact to prevent him or her from viewing your status information or sending instant messages to you.

To add a contact to your Contact List

  1. In the Search box, type the person's display name or sign-in name, and then press ENTER.

  2. In the results area, right-click the name of the person that you want to add, point to Add to Contact List, and then click the name of the contact group where you want the person’s name to appear.

Deleting Contacts

To delete a contact from your Contact List

  1. In your Contact List, right-click the name of the contact, and then click Remove from Contact List.

  2. 2When you are prompted, click OK to confirm the removal.

Tagging Contacts

If you want to be notified whenever the status of one of your contacts changes to Available or Offline, you can tag the contact.

To tag a contact

  • In your Contact List, right-click the name of the contact, and then click Tag Contact for Status Change Alerts.

Setting the Level of Access for Your Contacts

The level of access that you set for a contact determines how much of your presence information they can see when you are listed in their Contact List. When you first add a contact, he or she is given one of two default levels of access depending upon their relationship to your organization:

  • Company is assigned to contacts that belong to the same organization as you.

  • Public is assigned to all other contacts.

You can set your level of access for each contact to one of the following:

  • Personal contacts see your published contact information including home and mobile phone numbers as well as schedule and availability details.

  • Team contacts see your published work and mobile phone numbers, plus schedule and availability details. If you allow them to, contacts at this level may interrupt you when your status is Do Not Disturb.

  • Company contacts see your work contact information (including phone number and office location, if this information is published in your organization’s directory), plus basic schedule and availability.

  • Public contacts see your name, e-mail address, title, company, and your status.

  • Blocked contacts cannot send you instant messages and they can only see your name and e-mail address. Your status always appears as Offline to a blocked contact. Blocked contacts do not know that they have been blocked.

To set access level

  1. Right-click the contact for whom you want to set the Level of Access.

  2. Point to Change Level of Access, and then select the desired level.

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