Manage unfiled notes

Unfiled notes are pages on which you’ve jotted down random information, such as Quick Notes (formerly “side notes”), or pages on which OneNote has saved information from other programs, such as your Web browser.

Typically, OneNote collects such pages in a special section called “Quick Notes” (prior to OneNote 2013, this section was called “Unfiled Notes”). You can leave such notes where they are, or you can move them to more meaningful locations in your notebooks.

View unfiled notes

To see if you or OneNote have collected any unfiled notes:

  1. Open the Notebook pane by clicking the name of your current notebook, shown on the left side just underneath the ribbon. (Skip this step if you have the Notebook pane docked to the screen.)

  2. At the bottom of the Notebook pane, click Quick Notes.

  3. In the Quick Notes section, click the page tabs on the right to browse through any notes OneNote has collected here.

The Quick Notes section works like any other notebook section. If you’re not ready to organize the notes it contains, you can still use the search feature to find information here.

Organize unfiled notes

Though you leave random pages in the Quick Notes section indefinitely, you may want to consider eventually moving such pages to more meaningful places in your notebooks.

Do the following:

  1. While viewing the Quick Notes section, right-click the tab of any page that you want to move, and then click Move or Copy.

  2. In the Move or Copy Pages dialog box, click the notebook section where you want to move the selected page, and then click Move. If you want to move the page to a section in another notebook, first click the + (plus) sign next to that notebook in the list, and then click to select a section within it.

  3. Repeat steps 1-2 with any other pages that you want to move out of the Quick Notes section.

Tip:  A faster way to file your notes is to use the mouse. One by one, click a page tab in the Quick Notes section, and then drag that page into another section or notebook.

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