Make your Sway design accessible

With an accessible design, your Sway content can reach more people. When you play the finished creation, Sway includes an accessible view, and you can also make design choices that improve accessibility.

  • To help distinguish content areas for people who hear rather than see your Sway, make your titles and headings unique.

  • To format heading text, use the Heading style.

  • Use the Accent feature sparingly. For people with reading disabilities, it’s best to avoid italics, words in all capital letters, and underlines.

  • If your Sway will be viewed by people with colorblindness, consider using a high contrast design. Or just make sure your viewers know that they can switch to Accessibility view for high contrast.

  • To make images accessible, use the Accessibility Checker on the More Options menu to add alternative (alt) text. For details, see Accessibility features in Sway.

  • For any audio or video, include closed captions and make sure that the content is available in alternative formats, such as transcripts.

  • In hyperlinked text, provide a clear description of the link destination rather than just listing a URL or vague text, such as “click here.”

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