Make a video call in Communicator

You can use Communicator for Mac 2011 to make video calls to contacts in your network. You can also conduct video conference calls by inviting multiple contacts to join the conversation. During a video call, you can use Communicator to send files and text messages.

To use video calling, both you and your contact must have a webcam, a microphone, and either speakers or headphones. If your computer doesn't have a built-in webcam and microphone, you can purchase a Mac-compatible device to attach to your computer. To learn about how to set up these devices, see Mac Help.

  1. In the Contact List window, click Video  Video button , and then click a contact.

    If the contact whom you want is not listed, click Other, and then type the contact's e-mail address. Other is the last option in the contact list.

    Note: On the Video menu, Communicator lists only contacts who are currently online.

  2. After your contact accepts the call, talk into the microphone.

  3. Do any of the following:


Do this

Invite other contacts to join the video call

Click Invite  Invite contact button , and then click a contact.

End the video and audio parts of the call, but leave the message window open

Click   End call .

Put audio and video on hold or resume a call

Click   On hold button .

Change the video to full-screen mode or back to regular size

Click Full screen button .

Mute or unmute your microphone

Click   Mute button .

Adjust the volume

Drag the volume slider  Volume slider .

Show or hide all participants or yourself during a conversation

Click Display Pictures  Display Pictures button .

Change to an audio-only call

Click Call  Communicator Call button .

Leave the conversation completely

Close the conversation window.


  • If you are in a text conversation with a contact, you can add audio and video to the conversation. In the conversation window, click Call  Communicator Call button or Video  Video button .

  • When you save a conversation in Conversation History, only the text portion is saved. Audio and video aren't saved.

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