Known Issues - Skype for Business on Mac Preview

Updated:    October 7, 2016

Known issue


Multiple chat windows

Issue: Double-clicking a user from the contact list will open a new chat session, regardless if a chat session already exists on the chat history.

P2P desktop sharing

Issue: You cannot share your desktop in a Peer-to-Peer scenario with other users. Skype for Business on Mac users will notice the Present icon is grayed out and cannot be selected. Skype for Business users on Windows computers can still try to initiate a desktop share with a Skype for Business on Mac user; however, the Mac user will never receive the notification.

Workaround: Screen sharing works for meetings started using Conversations / Meet now.

Lync Server 2013 contact list

Issue: Users with Lync Server 2013 or earlier cannot Add, Remove, or Modify the contact list. This is currently by design and aligns with the experience of Mobility, such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Workaround: The current workaround is to upgrade to Skype for Business Server 2015.

Message history dates

Issue: After opening a message from the history tab, no dates are shown, only timestamps.

Desktop sharing

Issue: When you present your desktop, your status is not changed to Do Not Disturb and IM notifications are still received while your desktop is shared. This feature depends on external components and is under investigation.

After upgrading, I am unable to launch the application

This crash may be caused by cached files. Exit the application, navigate to ~/Library/Containers/ and drag the folder to your trash.

Authentication: Unable to login

Issue: User is unable to login to the Skype for Business on Mac application.

Starting from Preview build 16.0.3036 and above, when using Skype for Business Server or Lync Server 2013 we have a new behavior on the Lync Discover process. Now the client is able to use lyncdiscoverinternal entry and use the internal server address to communicate directly. Having the lyncdiscoverinternal DNS entry will skip the usage of the reverse proxy making the Skype for Business Mac client to connect directly to the Front End Pools on TCP port 443.

Mobility Policy still a requirement to sign in using Skype for Business Mac.

Issue: When trying to authentication using the Skype for Business on Mac application you see an error message stating: "You need to update your version of Skype for Business to sign in. Contact your support team."

Workaround: We updated the User Agent for the Skype for Business on Mac application. If you have client version policy set to block by default you might have to add the following User Agent into Lync\Skype for Business on the Server: SfbForMac/16.X (Mac OSX 10.11.4).

Authentication: Joining non-federated meetings

Issue: When a user tries to join a meeting from a Non-Federated partner they are not successfully joined into the meeting.

Workaround: We don’t currently support Anonymous Join for the Skype for Business on Mac application. To join a non-federated meeting, you would have to federate with that organization or join using your browser.

Skype for Business on Mac application crash

If Skype for Business on Mac application crashes we are notified of the crash and get the logs included in the notification. There is no need to submit a separate item via "Report an Issue" within the client.

Meeting: Screen sharing and multi-monitor support

Issue: When a Mac user consumes an application being shared from a Windows user, Mac user will see a large black area of all the desktop and the application being presented in small portion of the screen. We’re aware of this limitation and this is planned to be fixed on a future build.

Workaround: Workarounds are to have a Windows user not share a single application but a single monitor.

Authentication: Password changes

Issue: I have recently changed my password and now Skype is showing the message "Exchange needs your credentials. Until then, you might see outdated meeting info."


Issue: In certain circumstances you can have cached notifications on your notification icon even with all messages read.

Workaround: Quit Skype for Business Mac client, move the file "~/Library/Application Support/" to your trash and sign in again.

Other known issues / Limitations with this build

  • No ability to record a meeting from the Skype for Business on Mac client.

  • Switching between Lync for Mac and Skype for Business on Mac meetings doesn’t change the state (Hold/Resume).

  • Federated meetings and meetings with no metadata (copy\paste meeting details) will not present a Join button in the Skype for Business on Mac client.

  • Currently the Skype for Business on Mac application requires that mobility policy being enabled. This will be resolved by RTM but currently customers need to enable this in order for user to login.

  • Joining a federated meeting requires you to be federated with that organization as we don’t currently support anonymous join. Joining the meeting from the browser is the current supported method.

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