Join Meeting

The information you must supply to join the meeting is included in the Live Meeting e-mail invitation you received from the meeting organizer. When extended registration is enabled for a meeting, you may also be asked to supply your e-mail address and company name.

If you reach the Meeting Lobby, supply the information requested of you and wait in the Meeting Lobby until you are granted or denied access to the meeting.

If you did not provide all required information, your attempt to join the meeting fails and you receive an error that indicates: "The information you have entered is invalid or you are unauthorized to view this meeting." Verify that you have entered the correct meeting information and try again.

Your Name. The name that you supply is exactly as it will appear in the participant roster in the meeting console and in meeting records, so pay attention to capitalization and punctuation.

Meeting ID. Meeting ID, as indicated by the meeting invitation.

Meeting Key. Meeting key associated with the specified Meeting ID.

Join Meeting. Submits the information to Live Meeting for authorization.

When joining a meeting, be aware of the following situations:

  • If you are trying to join a meeting that uses an access control list to limit attendance to members of the Live Meeting account, you must log on using your Live Meeting user login and password before you can join the meeting.

  • If you do not have the meeting console installed, you may be prompted to install the meeting console or use the Web-based meeting console.

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