Item List: options and information

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 only.

The Item List provides a summarized view of all inventory items in Microsoft Office Accounting 2008.

Open the list

Do one of the following:

  • On the Customers menu, point to Customer Lists, and then click Items.

  • On the Vendors menu, point to Vendor Lists, and then click Items.

For detailed information about how to find information in a list, sort or move columns, or modify, print, or export a list, see Working with lists.

List columns

List columns and descriptions

Information in the list is read-only. To make changes to a document, you must open it from the list.



Current View

Click the arrow next to Current View to select a different list view. For example, select All items, or select only items that are Active or Inactive.


Indicates the status. A check mark indicates that the item is active. If no check mark appears, the item is inactive.

Item Name

Displays the item name as it appears on the Item form.


Describes the item (for example, bike chain, fishing lure, or soccer shoes).


Displays the item type (for example, inventory, service, non-inventory, or kit).


Displays the sales price of an item.

On Hand

Displays the quantity of an item that is currently in stock.


Displays a warning symbol as a reminder to reorder when the quantity on hand plus the quantity on open purchase orders for an inventory item is equal to or below the reorder point, or below the quantity of an item on open sales orders.


Tasks you can perform in the Item List

You can perform these tasks in the Item List.



Add a new item

In the upper-left corner of the Item List, click Add a new Item.

Edit an item

Double-click an item to open its record.

Delete an item

Right-click an item, and then click Delete.

Note:  You can delete an item only if it has shown no activity.

Change item status

Right-click the item, and then click Make Active or Make Inactive.

Note: After you have made an item inactive, it will no longer appear in the active view of lists, nor in reports that include only active items. You can, however, continue to create transactions using inactive items by typing an item name.

Additional actions

Actions menu commands

On the Actions menu, you can select the following commands.




Look for an item in the list.

Export to Excel

Export the Item List to Microsoft Office Excel.

New Item

Create an item.

New Invoice with Item(s)

Create a new invoice with a selected item.

New Quote with Item(s)

Create a new quote with a selected item.

*New Sales Order with Item(s)

Create a new sales order with a selected item.

*New Purchase Order with Item(s)

Create a new purchase order with a selected item.

Adjust Inventory

Open the Adjust Inventory Quantityform or Adjust Inventory Quantity and Value form.

Sell items online

List and sell your items on online marketplaces such as eBay.

Change Item Prices

Change item prices.

Reorder Inventory

Select items to reorder.

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