Inviting Participants to a Conversation

While you are participating in a peer-to-peer instant message conversation, you can invite one or more people to join. Three or more participants is classified as a conference. You can invite up to 32 people to the same instant message conference.

A conference distinguishes between a conference leader and the two or more conference participants. The leader has functionality in addition to the functionality that participants have. Any participant in a conference, including the leader, can invite one of the other participants or leader to a separate conversation.

The person who initially adds the third person is the leader. If a participant leaves a three-party conference, conversation functionality is restored. If the leader leaves a four-party conference, the leader must promote a participant to a leader or there will be no leader among the remaining participants.

A leader, of which there can be more than one in a conference, has the following additional functionality:

  • Lock a conference to other participants

  • Remove a participant

  • Promote a participant to the leader

To add participants to an instant message conversation

  1. In the Conversation window, click Invite.

  2. In the Add Someone to This Conversation window, do one of the following:

    • Click the name of the contact that you want to add to the conversation, and then click OK.

    • In the Search box, type search information, and then press the Enter key. In the results list, click the person's name, and then click OK.

      Note: When there are many participants, it can take time for everyone to be added to the conversation, because each person on the list must accept, decline, or ignore the invitation before the next invitation can be delivered. After a short period of time, if someone has not responded, the invitation is automatically accepted.

To lock a conference

  1. At the top of the Conversation window, click the arrow next to Invite.

  2. Click Lock this conversation.

To remove a participant

  1. Right-click the participant that you want to remove.

  2. Click Remove from conversation.

The participant can join the meeting again, unless the conference is locked.

To promote a participant

  1. Right-click the participant that you want to promote.

  2. Click Make Leader.

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