Inventory Items with Negative Balances report: options and information

The Inventory Items with Negative Balances report shows all inventory items with a current on-hand balance that is less than zero. You can use this report to view what inventory items you need to reorder to fulfill invoices and sales orders.

Note: Double-click an item in the report to open an Inventory Valuation report for that item.

Open the report

  • On the Reports menu, point to Inventory, and then click Inventory Items with Negative Balances.

Report content

The report information includes the item names and descriptions, the preferred vendor, reorder point, quantity on hand, quantity on purchase orders, quantity on sales orders, whether you need to reorder an item, and the date for the next delivery or shipment. You can modify the report to include other information, such as restock level and quantity to reorder. To change column options, do the following:

  • On the toolbar, click Modify Report, and then in the Modify Report pane, select or clear the appropriate Columns options.

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