Integrate a Planning Cube into a different environment

When you decide to use a Planning cube as a data source for Monitoring Server, you must integrate that cube into a different computing environment. The integration process requires thorough preparation and testing.

When you integrate a cube from Planning Server into a different computing environment, the destination environment re-creates the cube. This process causes the member unique keys to change. Monitoring Server stores and queries by a value called MemberUniqueName in all KPIs, filters, and analytic views. This is also a standard practice in many client tools for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). If you transfer a scorecard or dashboard from one computing environment to another, you must re-create the KPIs, filters, and analytic views.

When you re-create the dashboard elements, make sure that the correct member unique keys are stored in the destination definitions. The solution that we recommend is to create and test cubes from Planning Server in your development or test environment, and then change the cubes to the production environment when they are ready.

After the cubes are in production, you can create scorecards and dashboards by using Dashboard Designer. To make sure that member keys are accurate, copy the workspace files to your production Monitoring Server environment when the scorecards and dashboards are ready for production.

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